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  1. Autobahn, (German: “automobile road”)plural Autobahnen, high-speed, limited-access highway, the basis of the first modern national expressway system. Planned in Germany in the early s, the Autobahnen were extended to a national highway network (Reichsautobahnen) of 2, km (1, miles) by West Germany embarked on an ambitious reconstruction of the system after World War II, .
  2. ← A A → (translates from German as Federal Motorway 99, short form Autobahn 99, abbreviated as BAB 99 or A 99) is an autobahn in southern Germany. It is the Munich outer ring road History Since large parts of it would have to be built underground, the construction costs would add up to 45 million euros per kilometer.
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  4. Oct 29,  · JR EWING - VOL. 3: BEST OF UNDERGROUND HITS 98 Side A: Cormega - Testaments Da f.e.n.c.e Men & Krumb Snatcha - Massacre Ill Misery - M.i Shit Iz Hot Scaramanga - Special E.F.X Kurupt - It's A Set Up Mic Vandalz - Love & hate Shadowz In The Dark - Flight Storm Camp - Final Four Part. 1 Rashhed & Il Advised.
  5. JR Ewing - Pure Premium vol.1 N°5 (90's Underground Hits) A l'heure où le baril de pétrole a dépassé la barrière des $, les disques enchainés sur cette tape n'ont pas attendu pour exploser les côtes comme la cargaison du Prestige ou de l'Amoco Cadiz.
  6. 3 KOMETENMELODIE 2. In contrast to Kometenmelodie 1, the second part embraces a structure and melody more akin to the title track of the album. Kometenmelodie 2 was released both as a B-side to the Autobahn single and as an A-side follow-up single in its own right. There’s a real sweeping majesty to the melody here that brings the band’s.
  7. Apr 01,  · The Autobahn speed record was set on January 8th, , and has never been broken Rudolf Caracciola, a Grand Prix vet and Formula One racer, set the Autobahn.
  8. Salut les amis, après avoir partagé la mixtape 1 et 2, voici la tape #3 Best Of Underground Hits 98 en Re-Download Exclusive, lancé par Jr Ewing aka Oeno en , cette mix tape vol.3 à été lancé par le label South Fork Industries, bon la cover n'est pas de la meilleure qualité pour la tracklist mais soyez trankil j'ai mis la tracklist dans un bloc notes dans le dossier zip.

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