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  1. Virtual reality started out as a science fiction concept in the early s. Now, VR has become a kind of holy grail - lots of promises and claims, few results delivered. This program looks at the state of virtual reality.
  2. Apr 27,  · Virtual-reality actually has an extensive history with a concept that dates all the way back to the s. In this article we will discuss the history of VR and how it has evolved since an early concept into the amazing simulation experience that you can have in your home today.
  3. Sep 30,  · Even though virtual reality has come a long way from its “classic” counterparts, it’s constantly being improved and modified to better fit into the lives of the modern consumer. The below is a brief timeline illustrating the history of virtual reality throughout the years.
  4. Make AR & VR part of your reality. Whether in a classroom, industrial, or corporate scenario, the AVR Platform can supplement or replace traditional training and education methods by introducing user-friendly immersive lessons and content.
  5. May 28,  · Article content continued. For New York Magazine’s May 14 to 27, , issue cover story, writer Allison P. Davis profiled her date with Henry, the first male sex robot to become reality.
  6. real life interaction within the simulated environment. Even if you use advanced 3D projection and sophisticated haptic devices, a virtual reality application can provide an experience close to the real life interaction only if the 3D virtual objects are accurate to the real life objects (Craig ).
  7. Nov 02,  · Cam begins his journey into virtual reality with a look back at the history of this fascinating technology, from Original Retro to Oculus Rift. Check out Cam.
  8. Mar 27,  · Students have been learning about the battlefields of World War One using virtual reality. Here's what they think about it. This video has been optimised for mobile viewing on the BBC News app.

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